CAUCULT is an international, intercultural project promoting local culture-related initiatives that support ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the South Caucasus.

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Caucult project team


The CAUCULT project is implemented by an international team of NGOs located in five different countries: Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Lithuania. 

The NGO Interkulturelles Zentrum, based in Vienna, Austria, is project partner and responsible for the coordination of CAUCULT. As an independent non-profit organization IZ promotes the peaceful coexistence of people from different countries and cultures. It supports the interaction between people from different cultural backgrounds, and it also trains people in practical intercultural work. "We create venues for interaction where exchange and communication between different people can take place", project director Franjo Steiner describes the activities of Interkulturelles Zentrum. His motto is "Think differently!", and he hopes that this attitude will also inspire the project team and the KDWs in order to find creative solutions and to carry out extraordinary actions in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Stoyanka Manolcheva from IZ adds, that from her perspective encouraging people to treat and experience the religious, ethnic and cultural diversity of their environment as a development potential and personal, and collective advantage is crucial.



The Association for Non-Formal Education in Lithuania and their representatives Giedre Simanauskaite and Martynas Stukas are responsible for project monitoring and the internal communication in the project. Working without office but with open hearts, they are the ones sending questions, posting newsletters and writing the monitoring reports. 


The Armenian branch of the Caucult team is Anna Yeghoyan, Areg Tadevosyan and Tatul Davtyan. All three of them work for the International Centre for Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue, and they sometimes joke that people who can remember the full name of their organization should be awarded a prize! The organization's office is based in Armenia, but it does also have branches in India and Thailand.

Pervana Mammadova, Rena Tahirova and Ilaha Rasulova from the YUVA Humanitarian Centre are the responsibles for the project and the contact persons for the Key Dialogue Workers and other people working on the CAUCULT project in Azerbaijan. YUVA aims at assisting vulnerable and marginalized groups of society in realizing their human rights and in promoting the core values of humanity by developing and implementing educational activities in the fields of human rights education, civil society development, conflict resolution and peace-building. Furthermore, it aims at promoting intercultural relations within the Azerbaijan society.

Due to the fact that additional regional activities are planned to be carried out in Georgia, there are two Georgian organizations that are involved in the implementation of the project there: the Academy for Peace and Development and The Centre for Cultural Relations - Caucasian House.


Maka Sartania and Giorgi Kakulia from the Academy for Peace and Development are responsible for the project's administration and logistics. Furthermore, Maka and Giorgi are often involved in the project activities as trainers. 


Tea and Tamta Galdava, sister tandem from Caucasian House, are focused on running project activities that concentrate on Key Dialogue Workers.