CAUCULT is an international, intercultural project promoting local culture-related initiatives that support ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the South Caucasus.

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D. Hayrapetyan "it is a great opportunity for our country to be a part of such project as CAUCULT'

At the end of 2013 the CAUCULT training course on "The Use of Media Tools in Cultural Activities" in Armenia was awarded as the best co-funded project of the year 2013 by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs of RA. For this reason CAUCULT interviews David Hayrapetyan, the director of the state non-commercial organization "Youth events holding center". 


Mr. David Hayrapetyan, first of all, I would like to say that CAUCULT team is very happy and proud of the received award. Could you please explain us under which criteria the CAUCULT training course "The Use of Media Tools in Cultural Activities" was selected as the best co-funded project in 2013?


NGOs that received funding for their projects by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs of RA were submitting financial and narrative reports after the implementation of their projects. The special departments of “Youth events holding centre” checked in-depth these reports and made their conclusions about all implemented activities. The projects were monitored regularly, which also helped us to do the assessment.  As a result the three best of the sponsored programs were selected. The final decision was taken by a Commission of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs. The commission analysed all the projects carefully and the best sponsored projects were chosen according to several important criteria. The commission took into account of such factors as:

-- The modernity of the subject - how actual was the issue the project tried to tackle and how beneficial it has been to modern society, especially to the youth;

-- Capacity of the project - who could be involved by the project 

-- Efficiency of the project – how many people were involved, what information they received, how the participants assess the process of the project

-- Project monitoring summary and general project report.


How does the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs promote cultural diversity in RA? What are now the priorities of your institution?


Two of the five priorities of “The State Youth Policy Strategy” for the period 2013-2017 are related to cultural support (1. Promotion of youth participation processes in political, economic and cultural life, 2. Spiritual and cultural development and military upbringing among young people). This shows that young people’s cultural development is the one of the main priorities of our institution. The cultural features are always having a great support from the government as it is one of the most valuable parts of Armenian History. Armenians have always cherished their artistic traditions, which reflect the unique culture. Especially young people play a huge role in the preservation of cultural values. Besides, the cross cultural relation among the youth will help to promote the role of culture and enhance the cultural borders. 


In Armenia, CAUCULT is focused on the improvement of Intercultural Dialogue and tolerant behavior towards non-mainstream cultures, as well as the revival of cultural life in outlying regions.  I would like to ask for your opinion of the necessity for such initiatives as CAUCULT in Armenia.


As I know the main objective of the CAUCULT project is to contribute to the creation of a vivid political and social environment, which is conductive to the strengthening of inclusive societies that are aware of the benefits of cultural diversity in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.The project will also cover these steps:

-- Support the active participation of citizens, especially groups with badly recognized ethnic and cultural backgrounds, in cultural activities;

-- Establish strong, inclusive and sustainable networks of cultural actors from different areas in order to actively promote cultural diversity;

-- Enhance a structured and skillful intercultural dialogue between all relevant stakeholders in order to ensure greater respect for and more appreciation of cultural diversity.


In my opinion it is a great opportunity for our country to be a part of such project as CAUCULT. I believe this project helps us to implement one of our state youth policy in cooperation with the NGO sector.


In the project we have 60 community leaders and representatives involved, we call them Key Dialogue Workers. They are young people themselves or work with young people in their communities. Maybe you would like to wish them something?


Besides mentioning what great job they are doing for young people, I would like to encourage them to continue the work with love, responsibility and a good faith. I appreciate their enthusiasm and involvement in youth life. That is really significant work for all the societies in the world.


Thank you for the interview.