CAUCULT is an international, intercultural project promoting local culture-related initiatives that support ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the South Caucasus.

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For the people in this region these kinds of events are unusual

Interview with Aygun Aghamirzayeva about Community Art event "Are you aware of your Talent?"

Community art event was implemented in Guba, on May 25th, 2014. The aim of the project was to help the youth to discover their talent through different cultural activities and share with their cultural activities with the people. Today we interview event organizer Aygun Aghamirzayeva about event, talents and life in Quba.


- Ayugun, could you please tell us a little about the event "Are you aware of your talent"?

- First of all I would like to thank all the people who joint and helped to implement such creative, interesting and deep meaning project. The idea of the event "Are you aware of your talent?" was created after trainings we had in Georgia and study visit in Austria. The region where we live is very silent and polite. People here are very hospitable but shy.  They do not like demonstrate what they can. Sometimes they are not aware what they have or what they can. For example, in our country flowers are very expensive but during the spring time there are a lot of fantastic flowers in the field. So we decided to demonstrate that people dont need to buy flowers, but they can form bouquet  themselves from the field flowers. It was really fantastic to see how people get involved making wonderful bouquets. During the event we also used idea of drawing. Everybody could add their ideas on the flipchart. And it was great to find out how adult people good curious, engaged and motivated to join the organized activities.



- What is your personal talent and how have you discovered it?


- My personal talent... I try myself in various fields, but unfortunately I haven't discovered my talent yet.



- what was the community reaction to your idea? did people found their new talents?

- I believe that any kind of events which bring community together and make people smile should be more often organized. It is great to see that during our event people came together, talk to each other, found space to discover something new about themselves. Actually, first I wanted to name the event WHY NOT? JUST TRY! For the people in this region these kinds of events are unusual. And if we will continue to make surprises like this I am sure they will be happy to meet us everywhere and everytime. Also, will become more active themselves. 


Thank you for your answers!