CAUCULT is an international, intercultural project promoting local culture-related initiatives that support ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the South Caucasus.

Community Art

Publication on the method of community art

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Events / Activities

“Green City, No More Plastic Bags and Bottles”

“Green City, No More Plastic Bags and Bottles” was the name and at the motto of Community Art Event held by Sophiko Pataraia. 

The event organizers aimed to spread the message and encourage community members to use fabric reusable bags instead of plastic one-off bags. In a quiet crossroad of Noe Jordania and Karl Loebkneht streets, the students of Art Academy sewed handmade bags from canvas and replaced the plastic bags for everyday use. This street was chosen because all perennial trees were cut down in this street and the action participants protested against such tree-cutting. 

The action participants made a plastic cloak and one of them put it on in order to experience how it felt without oxygen. Green Group (local ecological organization) also joined the event and made a plastic curtain with ecological inscriptions and drawings. 


The mottos like “Love and Hug Planet”, “Learn how to manage wastes” were written on the fabric bags and given to passers-by. 

The journalists from Local TV Channel 25 took interviews from Tea Galdava and Sophiko Pataraia who emphasized that Polyethylene does not decompose for many years and harm the nature. That is why they decided to replace plastic with fabric.