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January 4, 2012, "Forbes" Chinese version released in 2012 the first annual list of --" in Shanghai; potential companies list ", China China; children's products leading enterprises - Zhejiang children's products Co. started with the rapid growth of the ABC brand in recent years its success into the election, becoming the only selected on the list of children's products enterprises that provides a successful case reference for the development of children's products enterprises. " " China potential enterprise; list is "Forbes" for the eighth time China of small and medium-sized enterprises to conduct a comprehensive, independent research, and for the first time the listed company and the non-listed company from selection, ranking, respectively showing the " China most potential listed companies with " " Chinese most potential " two list of non listed companies. Zhejiang children's goods Co., Ltd. started with a strong comprehensive competitive strength, and successfully reached the " 2012, China's most potential non listed enterprise " ranking. Industry analysts pointed out that the start of the company's list, not only shows the ABC brand outstanding market performance in recent years, but also "Forbes" on China's children's clothing, children's shoes industry development and prospects recognized. It is reported that " ," Forbes Chinese version since 2005 to enter the China, has been to " to promote entrepreneurship, create wealth accumulation " for the purpose, to China investors, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, found that behind all promote the wealth creation and wealth growth force. The start of the company's list is not accidental: ABC brand in 2009 and 2010 consecutive years, won the first new jordans shoes for sale comprehensive market share of China's children's shoes market, China's children's clothing market comprehensive share of the top ten. In 2011, after studying the competitive situation and the development trend of the industry market, the start-up company started the development of ". The fast strategy ". Through ", fast strategy, " import and use, continue to speed up brand growth, strengthen market construction, ABC brand for long-term development, to provide an endless flow of power. Start children's products company vice president Xu Haiyun said, " fast strategy " mainly contains " brand fast growth, product development speed and rapid market response to " three, the three complement each other, constitute the brand development of Golden Triangle, to create exclusive ABC " " culture industry development pattern formation in a very unique. in the realization of self rapid growth at the same time, in the practice of strategic objectives to be leader China children's shoes and apparel products industry at the same time, the company also did not forget to start social responsibility. It is worth mentioning that, in 2011, the company started by the Chinese children's fund " stars of hope; " special fund, " clothing and clothing; " new plan -- New Year charity to the poor children, and left-behind children burn children donations totaled tens of million yuan)Jordan Future will be the history of the most classic design and integrated to create the perfect combination of woven vamp, novel appearance of the symbiosis with extraordinary attitude all blend into one harmonious whole, salute stadium with two kinds of style harmony street. Deconstruction abandons the heel stable vamp, shoe combin jordan 3 katrina 2018 ation reinforcement design, interpretation of Futurism and minimalist style with outstanding style. The latest Jordan Future Premium launched a new Dark Chocolate color, with white midsole and rubber outsole color collocation, dark chocolate high-quality woven leather uppers, create elegant appearance. item: 652141-219 release date: November 1st 940x589q80.jpeg (70.9 KB, download number: 15) download Jordan Future Premium Dark Chocolate Launch Trailer 2014-10-28 22:42 upload 940x1006q80.jpeg (84.43 KB, download number: 12) download Jordan Future Premium Dark Chocolate Launch Trailer 2014-10-28 22:43 upload 940x702q80.jpeg (60.47 KB, download number: 12) download Jordan Future Premium Dark Chocolate Launch Trailer 2014-10-28 22:43 upload 940x581q80.jpeg (58.58 KB, download number: 12) download Jordan Future Premium Dark Chocolate Launch Trailer 2014-10-28 22:42 upload 940x582q80.jpeg (54.55 KB, download number: 12) download Jordan Future Premium Dark Chocolate Launch Trailer 2014-10-28 22:42 upload ZeroReebok-Classic-Leather-TDC-Slate-Blue-1.jpg (270.08 KB, download number: 6) download Reebok Classic Leather TDC Royal Slate 2016-9-7 16:15 upload not long ago, Zhejiang province industry and Commerce Department publicly burned hundreds of pairs of brand-name shoes production from Europe, including Louis Weedon, Valentino, D&, Kira G; more than 10 of the world's top brands, the reason is by sampling these international brands of shoes nearly 80% failed, some serious quality problems. In this regard, even the national footwear quality supervision and inspection center responsible person also feel "shocked."". It seems that the "foreign brands" can not blindly worship Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale it. Many foreign brands are the aura of dazzling "famous brand" so long in the Chinese market smoothly, even stately put to the mall shelves, from a business or consumer perspective, there exists a blind worship to a certain extent, but from the angle of market supervision, supervision in the past this link is done there is not enough. National shoes quality supervision and Inspection Center Deputy Director Yang Zhimin admitted, they sampling foreign brand leather shoes batch has not much, so the problem has not been exposed. Withnew Japanese brand Name. fashion week in Tokyo recently released 2016 winter series products. Designer Shimizu Noriyuki's design to "contradictions" as the theme, and in a series of single product embodied in one by one, including the vanguard of sports equipment, tooling and a little American retro. Highlights of single products including wool coats, oversize T-shirts, loose trousers and multicolor and flannel cut single product variety. Show a single product will be on sale later this year.Fan: commissioning editor date: 2015-9-13 photos: fantastic sense of Air Zoom Vomero 10 foot Air Zoom Vomero 10 is the new running shoes shoes launched by Nike this summer. It is also the first Nike running shoes that combines Zoom Air and Lunarlon foam two major shock technology.In August show that Jordan Brand for women shoes fans to create Jordan Future Gold again to release making plans, I believe that soon will announce the sale of information, interested friends can pay close attention to. This kind of shoe with golden tones, and the strong reflective material produced in the bottom, and inside by the black, finally with blue crystal bottom. air-jordan-future-gold.jpg (157.34 jordans on sale online KB, download number: 12) download Jordan Future Gold 2014-9-14 10:36 Jordan Future Gold, upload, nouveau riche gold 00Nike Basketball recently to James guest starred in the movie "Trainwreck life" remains as the design inspiration, brought new color design for LeBron 12 Low. This orange mesh shoe body color, with color decorative layer, and later with Swoosh by luxury gold decoration. nike-lebron-12-low-trainwreck1.jpg (235.82 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 12 Low Trainwreck 2015-7-22 12:39 upload nike-lebron-12-low-trainwreck-1.jpg (227.74 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 12 Low Trainwreck 2015-7-22 12:38 upload nike-lebron-12-low-trainwreck-2.jpg (152.65 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 12 Low Trainwreck 2015-7-22 12:38 upload nike-lebron-12-low-trainwreck-3.jpg (194.19 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 12 Low Trainwreck 2015-7-22 12:38 upload nike-lebron-12-low-trainwreck-4.jpg (246.87 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 12 Low Trainwreck 2015-7-22 12:38 upload Nike 00 NSW; last year the successful launch of the Cork version of LeBron 10, this time also launched a new LeBron 11 NSW Lifestyle "Cork" Cork, the charm of natural needless to say, from the spy photos can be seen on the LeBron NSW Lifestyle Cork 11; compared to last year's LeBron 10 Cork gave up all brown Cork design. The use of black and brown two kinds of imitation cork material combinations to create shoes, more all-match. But for the time being, there is no information about the sale of shoes. Jordan 6 Rings Michael Jordan in 91~93, named after the 96~98 season and won six NBA championship ring, of which 98 years of Michael Jordan into the Cheap air jordans for sale final blow after winning the championship, Michael Jordan excited than 6 gestures in the design features of Jordan 6 Rings seven Air Jordan double shoes fusion, Air Jordan 6 Air Jordan, followed by a ring buckle; 7 upper vents, Air Jordan 8 Huarache socks design; tongue towel cloth, Velcro tape, Huarache socks design; Jordan 11 Air Jordan 12 Air paint leather, TWO3, the top tongue lace holes; Air Jordan 13 Air 14 Jordan below the bottom; tongue Jumpman Logo. 2008/10/25 Jordan 6 Rings GS 323399-111 White/Pale Blue-White-Light Pink download (41.69 KB) download (33.18 KB) download (36.29 KB) download (31.5 KB)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] "June" Children's Day on the eve of the Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau announced the "2015 circulation of children's products random testing situation", although the harm does not appear in personal the security situation, but there are various performance indicators of failure problem, for example, 63 children's clothing colored fastness, fiber content aspects; 16 models of child shoes failed in identification, performance and other aspects of folding. It is understood that this sampling of more than half of the samples from the network marketing platform. against substandard children's products, the Beijing Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau has ordered operators to stop selling substandard goods substandard goods, and all filing and the implementation of administrative penalties. Kids color fastness problems highlighted City of Industry Bureau Director Wu Hengyou merchandise presentation, children test items includes a plurality of indicators identification, fiber content, color fastness, PH value, foamposites for cheap formaldehyde and smell. detected, there are 63 kinds of children's clothing failed, the main failure problem color fastness, fiber content and identity does not meet the standards, including Tex, Shanshan children's clothing, Disney, Mickey, David Bella and other well-known children's clothing brand . Testing Center of China Textile Industry Association Marketing Manager Geng Yi, who introduced the children to detect the most common problem is the color fastness, color fastness fade easily lead to bad, but certain dyes may also lead to skin allergies Children . Children are not allowed to wear shoes yards The children's footwear testing items include identification, sensory (appearance) quality, outsole wear resistance, hardness outsole, lining and pad rubbing fastness, odor, heavy metals and other projects. According to testing personnel, nominal "Yangzhou Eukanuba Children's Products Co., Ltd.", "adidas Sports (China) Co., Ltd." and many other enterprises in 16 kinds of substandard goods, the main problem for the failure to identify, sensory quality, Folding Project performance. According to reports, the sensory quality mainly refers to the appearance of children's shoes and shoe size is accurate and so on. At the same time, children's toys, children's toothbrushes, baby diapers overall quality is better, each just a group of unqualified, were negative in western Sichuan Crystal Baby toothbrush - arch-fine (1.5 years) Brushed failed, Tinker Toy car small parts failure, love profit maternal and infant dual-use towels Product Name tagging errors. In addition, school supplies better quality, sampling was not found unqualified. reminder net purchase of substandard goods may also play 12315 Due to the sampling of the sample, more than half from the network marketing platform, Trade and Industry Bureau to remind consumers to buy substandard products if by way of online shopping, you can ask to return, operators should meet the requirements. If the operator deliberately delayed or rejected, consumers can call 12315 complaints, penalties City of Industry Bureau "penalties against the interests of consumers act" in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Director of Product at City of Industry Wuheng You said that Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau will continue to strengthen the supervision of children's wear market, as well as law enforcement and punishment. And the joint industry associations, testing organizations and other enterprises on a regular basis and circulation of children's products sampling, and substandard production and business units of information products for publicity. For non-manufacturing enterprises in Beijing substandard products, substandard products will be its information sent to its location quality supervision department in time, and guide consumers to credit related offenses registered in the network of enterprises, credit information in the form of supervision. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China Shoes Network) & nbsp; & nbsp;As health is defined as the most important thing in life, and the huge market potential in sports continue to be excavated, the development of athletic footwear market in the past 20 years gradually occupied the commanding heights of the global footwear industry. After the most sophisticated technology constantly adding sports shoes manufacturing, every innovation sneakers are becoming the benchmark global footwear development. Early in 1989, Reebok will launch a unique new "PUMP" concept, and successfully applied in the shoes. With the rise of the "PUMP" boom, like "Chanel" and other fashion giant also deeply attracted started working with Reebok, and the successful launch of the "PUMP" Shoes with science and technology. Since Chanel's "PUMP" series limited edition fashion shoes, and on behalf of the then top science and technology and sports concept, the series of shoes once available, it caused the mad pursuit of Chanel fans and collectors of sneakers. Today, a new pair of "PUMP" series Chanel Fashion Shoes values ??have soared to more than 35,000 yuan. "PUMP" The principle is very simple, it is the most prominent feature in its ability to provide personalized tailor-made functions for each foot, so that each foot to get the most comfortable feeling. Its secret lies in the shoe has an automatic molding bladder, put it as long as took a few steps, is located in the heel portion of the large-capacity pump starters are oppressed, the shoes will inflate automatically sensing when the pressure reaches a certain value, airbag will stop inflation. It also provided for every wearer suitable for their own tailor-foot model of "boots." & Quot; GDS & quot; damping system leading domestic sports footwear. "Another secret lies PUMP intelligent valve technology it owns, it is to control the pressure and release air and set" Reebok's chief marketing officer Dennis Baldwin said. " Intelligent valve is located the upper heel, its purpose is to control the swelling pressure within 5 pounds per square inch. Reebok engineers found that for most foot, this pressure point is the best point to form a perfect fit. "From 1989 to 2005 16 years, engineers from NASA and MIT through continuous improvement, Reebok relaunched in 2005 with" PUMP 2.0 "as the representative of the" PUMP "series shoes. Reportedly, the series of shoes have been launched simultaneously in May of this year in China and worldwide. PUMP2.0 Reebok sneakers Another feature is another proud "DMX Shear" buffering technology that can provide the level of cushioning to reduce and allocate runners heel strikes the ground pressure. Upon impact, DMX Shear assist throughout the transition process from the brake to start, allowing runners to maintain steady pace. As evolutionary version of the original PUMP, PUMP 2.0 tailor-made a breakthrough in science and technology, to bring real revolutionary transformation for racing sports. Just put PUMP 2.0 took five steps, intelligent sensing shoes will automatically inflate and then wrapped feet, the shoe body to adjust to the most comfortable state. In addition to outside PUMP 2.0 series, Reebok will launch in 2005 several PUMP sneakers, will soon be available in a limited selection of stores. PUMP Match Day including tennis shoes, PUMP Sport Vibe retro style basketball shoes, PUMP Omni Lite Ds classic series and PUMP Opus and many other styles. "In today's world custom, consumers want products to actively cooperate with their lifestyle for real this demand for customized, Reebok responded to PUMP 2.0 -. This not only automatically sneakers with the consumer's foot, more importantly, more perfect match consumers' lifestyles. "Reebok's chief marketing officer Dennis Baldwin then said.