CAUCULT is an international, intercultural project promoting local culture-related initiatives that support ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the South Caucasus.

Community Art

Publication on the method of community art

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Community Art

Key Dialogue Workers are getting ready for the community art actions!

First presentation of Community Art Ideas by Key Dialogue Workers!

After the community need analysis in the twelve regions of the South Caucasus, participation in the training courses on community art, cultural management and media work, the study visits in Austria and Lithuania, the Key Dialogue Workers present what kind of actions will take place in their communities in the nearest future. Since the ideas are still being crystalized and discussed with the communities, CAUCULT presents the first part of the draft ideas which will take place in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Varduhi Adunts from Goris, who represents NGO Tteni Cooperation, plans to involve children from social disadvantaged families and decorate natural material bags together. The young community members will participate in the workshops creating the social message they want to deliver to the community members. Afterwards lessons will be given on handcraft techniques, which will be used to decorate the natural material bags. The self-made bags will encourage the community to reflect on the issues raised by children, also work as a mobile unique artwork gallery in Goris.


Vardevar Shamamyan from Gyumri aims to mobilize the community and invite its members to improve the environment people live in. Gyumri citizens will be invited to take the initiative and use their creative skills to transform ruined walls into open space for artistic exhibition, to clean the city surroundings and improve the public spaces. To create the festivity mood and encourage people for active participation a musical concert will be organized. During the event community members will be invited to address the identified needs and inform the local authorities, who will be officially informed about the needs of people afterwards.


Konul Yazar from Baku is aiming to attract people’s attention to the problems related to women in the society. She will invite the local community to select the trees in the busy streets in Baku and dress the trunks of the trees with women dresses and accessories. The trees will be given names and description addressing issues related to women. Konul expects that such action will raise the discussion in the society on human rights, women issues and equality.


Southern regions of Azerbaijan are known for the Talish cultural heritage. The cultural values and traditions have been usually expressed via traditional methods: professional dancing groups and folk groups which make the Talish culture appear static and seen only performed in the concert halls and huge events. It would be interesting and unusually to reflect these cultural values through non-traditional ways. In order to refresh the Talish cultural expressions and promote its values and traditions, involvement of young people and encouraging them sharing their interpretation of the Talish culture could be a more useful and innovative way in this region.  Young people as well as other community members will be invited to gather in the park and try to find new ways of expressing and promoting Talish culture. The event organizers Afig Malikov, Azad Kerimov, Vamig Babayev believe that such an event will foster the cultural integration between Talish and Azeri groups.

In Akhlatsikhe city, Samthkhe-Javakheti Region, Lia Gogidze is planning to organize multiple activities under the motto “I want my city to be like….”. People will be invited to take part in street mosaic workshop, where neighbours from the blockhouses will decorate their common living spaces with mosaics and discuss interesting and important issues in the community. Also, in the city there will be easels provided with the message “I want my city to look like…” and people will be encouraged and invited to finish the sentence. The community ideas will be later on passed to the municipality representatives.


Since the 18th century, there was a tradition in Tbilisi to play lotto. Women were gathering in the evenings for a play and fun. They were drinking tea made in somovars and eating traditional Georgian cookies aside. Playing the game was also having a social women gathering function, where issues and news were discussed. Key Dialogue Worker Ketevan Adeishvili from Tbilisi would like to recover this tradition and start organizing lotto game evenings in Old Tbilisi. She believes that through playing the game, women will also tackle current issues in the society, especially gender related problems in Georgia.


Other community art ideas by the Key Dialogue Workers will be presented in the nearest future. Also, soon we will provide the calendar for upcoming events, so don’t forget to check, what kind of actions will take place in your neighbourhood.