CAUCULT is an international, intercultural project promoting local culture-related initiatives that support ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the South Caucasus.

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New CAUCULT team member

Get to know Stoyanka Manolcheva, who joint IZ and CAUCULT team!

Since CAUCULT programme director Daniela Mussnig left for the maternity leave and Franjo Steiner needed help to deal with CAUCULT issues, last week a new person joint CAUCULT team. 


The last seven years Stoyanka Manolcheva was working for the “Welcome to the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom”, regional office für Southeast - and East Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia and moved to Vienna in the end of 2013. Stoyanka fluently speaks German and English, also knows Russian and beside other languages, Bulgarian Language is her mother tongue!


In CAUCULT project she will be resposible for project coordination and internal monitoring.

Stoyanka, could you please tell more about your experience and interest towards the South Caucasus region?


Along my career path so far I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the political, economic and social development of the South Caucasus region since I coordinated projects in the area of political education and international exchange; I have Georgian friends and I am very glad to have the chance to continue working for this region, extending my knowledge in the area of the regional history, traditions and culture. 


What are your expectations while joinning CAUCULT team?


I find working with people of different cultural and professional background most exciting and enriching. Encouraging people to treat and experience the religious, ethnic and cultural diversity of their environment as a development potential and personal, and collective advantage is crucial. And I am very happy to commit myself to these efforts.


More personal questions now - what are three things you like to do in your life?


Observing and experiencing nature inspires me; I am an avid hiker and skier; I love theatre and music.


What is your motto?


To keep your balance, just keep moving!


Would you like to add something?


I find work done by Key Dialogue Workers really impressive and very important. I would like to know each of them in person.  



Welcome to the team Stoyanka!