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Rakhsanda Bayramova presents "Let's value our time" event in Quba

"The event was interesting and somehow surprising for the people attending the event"- says Key Dialogue Worker.

On the 1st of May “Let’s value our leisure time” event took place in Quba. The goal of the event is to help youth for them to arrange their leisure time via creative and innovative ways, as well as to inform them about the activity of Youth Center in Quba.


We got a chance to interview Key Dialogue Worker and event organizer Rakhsandra Bayramova about action in Quba. Enjoy the reading.


What is the current situation about youngster’s free time in Quba? –


Young people in Quba are the same as in the other places of the world. They usually spend their time in social networks, discuss some issues through e-forums or via skype, play games on computer or mobile phones. Even when some friends meet together, they can't get away from the Internet on their mobiles. Some active youth participate in the trainings, workshops arranged by local NGOs. It is worth mentioning that recently Youth Centre has been established in the centre of Quba. But it is relatively new space and even it needs to be promoted among the youth.

How did you come up with event concept and idea?


Youth don't express their interest to the routine (stereotyped) events arranged in Quba. They are boring. We wanted to make some changes and use some new approaches. The community art event in Lithuania "Street Music festival" stimulated us to implement such activity in Quba. 


Could you please tell us, what did happened during the event?


The event was interesting and somehow surprising for the people attending the event. We noticed such expressions on the attendants' faces. The event in such a scenario was held for the first time in Quba and all were interested in the event. The attendants were involved in the different activities with great pleasure and enjoyed very much.

Who participated in the event?


Local youth, members of local NGOs, representatives of Israel Embassy, members of "Khazar Development Foundation", representatives of local authorities attended the event. The visitors enjoyed themselves very much. 


What was the goal of the event? Did you succeed to reach it?


The main aim of the event is identify the youth skills, to promote innovative ways of spending free time in difference with internet and establish the dialogue among the youth having communication via social networks, what's up and etc. We think that we achieved our goal. Because the visitors discovered new potentials, and they understood that face-to-face communication via some cultural ways have been important and useful. 

What do you expect as the further change in Quba? 


The event attendants had some suggestion about continuation of such events in the region. Some local authorities have already addressed us to arrange such kind of events in Quba and its villages regularly. We are developing the further action plan.


Thank you very much for your time.