CAUCULT is an international, intercultural project promoting local culture-related initiatives that support ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the South Caucasus.

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Reading books outdoors now is possible!

On May 24, 2014 KDWs from Tbilisi group Mariam Chkhaidze and Thea Gulua made an event "Read a Book in a Garden". They applied to the libraries in Tbilisi and chose National Science Library backyard for planting trees and other plants. The idea was to arrange a place in open air for reading the books. When one speak about the libraries, it means a closed, quiet area and with this event we want to show that it is better to read favorite books in a garden in summer times. 



Twenty years ago, this area was full of green zones but today this place is one of the most polluted and dusty places in the city due to building works. The backyard of the National Science Library is the only green spot in this area where families can walk, play and relax.


KDWs together with green partisans from Guerrila Gardening bought saplings of trees, herbs and flowers as well as necessary agricultural implements and gathered on Aleksidze st 1-4. Department of Greenery at Tbilisi City Hall supported the event with special soil, as there were the remains of concrete on the ground. 

Tree-planting began at 11:00 and lasted until 16:00. Different generation from little children to elderly people, about 30 people, participated in the action. After planting, the director of the National Science Library Irakli Gharibashvili invited the participants to make a little excursion in the library building. The book repository is a closed place where the entrance is permitted only for stuff, but as it was a special day, the action participants were kindly allowed to go down and see where the books are kept. 

After the event, the administration of the library intends to put benches and tables in the yard to support the action. Soon the readers can read all the books in an open-air library in the backyard arranged by CAUCULT.


See the video reportage here