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Tatars are inviting for "Crow porridge"

May 18, 2014

12 o'clock

Qashrash village, 

Quba region, Azerbaijan


The First “Карга боткасы" (“Crows porridge”) Tatar Community Art Event will be celebrated in Qashrash village of Quba on May 18th. “Карга боткасы" is the most popular spring holiday among Tatar people that has never been celebrated in Azerbaijan publicly before.  The goal of this event is to promote the ancient Tatar holiday among young generation of Tatar community, as well as other population of Azerbaijan. 

In the ancient times, people believed that crows brought spring on the tips of their wings.  Therefore, once the snow began to melt and streams appeared, in honor of the arrival of crows “Карга боткасы" (Crow porridge) was celebrated.


Society of Culture of Tatar “Tuqan Tel” will bring this tradition to Quba and together with local communities, they will play  the scenario of “Карга боткасы" .  A fire will be made on the hill of the village and porridge will be prepared in a big pot. While the porridge is being cooked, the representatives of “Tuqan Tel” will arrange different cultural events and competitions for the guests. The winners of the competition will be awarded with different prizes. It will be helpful to establish communication, dialogue among different communities and the local communities will be aware of Tatar culture. 

After entertaining part, as soon as the porridge is ready, it will be distributed among the guests.


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Contact the project organizer Gulcan Myasatova – Society of Tatar Culture “Tuqan Tel”