CAUCULT is an international, intercultural project promoting local culture-related initiatives that support ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the South Caucasus.

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The Bright side of Vahagn Ghukasyan's "Shadows"

KDW Vahagn Ghukasyan presents his exhibition "Shadows" at the Akanat Art Gallery in Yerevan.

Since one month fans of modern art living in Yerevan have the possibility to admire the paintings of a talented young artist Vahagn Ghukasyan from Gyumri, the Key Dialogue Worker of CAUCULT.


Vahagn Ghukasyan's project, "Shadows", organized at the Akanat Art Gallery in Yerevan on 12 November, is a unique synopsis of his works in the past two years. Those interested in contemporary art in Armenia have an opportunity to meet an artist, who has established an immediate or direct relationship with shadows. Vahagn Ghukasyan employs an interesting method. On sunny days, he lays his canvas on the ground, under the trees in his garden, and very quickly draws the contours of the shadows falling on the canvas because the Earth revolves at great speed and thus light moves. Thereafter, he stimulates these contours with oils and dissolves the images of trees and bushes in space, thus obtaining landscapes, which can also be called unconsciously-viewed psycho-landscapes. 

The unconscious drive of life enlightens the shadows by making the objects on the paths of sunrays both transparent and immaterial. The tendency toward joie de vivre in Vahagn Ghukasyan's painting's accompanies us to misty horizons, accompanied with images petrified in poetic serenity and peace. Thereafter, the knowledge returning from those misty horizons creates, through personal survival, the possibility of freeing our emotions, which have been enchained Plato's cave from our childhood years.