CAUCULT is an international, intercultural project promoting local culture-related initiatives that support ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the South Caucasus.

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Thea Galdava participated in the meeting about Policy of Culture in Georgia

Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia hosted the meeting with various NGO representatives, experts, stakeholders and donors on cultural policy in Georgia. 

The newly appointed Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, Mr. Mikheil Giorgadze met the Estonian cultural policy expert Mr. Ragnar Siil, as well as Mr. Luciano Gloor from Eastern Partnership Culture programme and Mr. Oliver Reisner, Attaché of EU Delegation to Georgia. By the request of the Ministry of Culture of Georgia, Mr. Ragnar Siil has been appointed as an external expert to advice the government of Georgia to elaborate the cultural policy and strategy of the country.


After the signing of the Association Agreement between the government of Georgia and EU, the process of sharing the experience between EU countries and Georgia reached the upper level.


During the two days experts met different target groups and representatives of different sectors and filed, like Education, Culture etc. CAUCULT project manager in Georgia, Thea Galdava also took a part in the meeting. 

During the meeting with NGO representatives, especially the ones involved in the process of compiling the Cultural Policy Paper and strategy of Georgia and the participants and beneficiaries of EuroEast Culture program in Georgia the question of wider involvement of various groups was raised.


Mr. Siil gave different cases and good practises from Estonia those helped Estonian society to create open and inclusive culture policy some years. The speaker pointed the importance of active involvement of wider society as culture may play crucial role in creating democratic and sustainable society of the country.

During the meeting with international experts, Mrs. Thea Galdava shared the opinion about the importance of involvement the regional actors, as their involvement has significant value towards creation of Cultural Policy Paper that covers the all segment and all actors of culture in Georgia, including ethnic minorities of the country.  One pillar of the CAUCULT project is also to compile policy recommendation for cultural diversity of the Caucasus region.


Photos from the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia