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Community Art

Publication on the method of community art

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Community Art

Tips and tricks from Gyumri

Artur Gevorgyan tells his experience from Gyumri and shares advice how to organize successful Community Art Festival. 

On 17th of November the first Community Art festival, called «Yerankyuni» (Triangle) took place in Gyumri, Armenia. One of the organizers, Key Dialogue Worker Artur Gevorgyan finally found time after the intense period and agreed to answer some questions explaining the great success of the event.


Artur, in the pictures we saw that there were lots of people attending the event. What was the key to such success?

I personally know lots of people in Gyumri, so information about the event spread from mouth to mouth. Also, media covered the event, so people received the information before the Start up Festival. Besides that, we collaborated with five different groups of experts, the municipality, the branch of the Academy of Fine Arts, Drama Theatre in Gyumri, Armenian Apostolic Church and individual citizens. Big number of people involved in organizing the festival made more people participate in the event.


Could you share the tricks and tips with other Key Dialogue Workers who are now engage in preparing Community Art festivals?

1. I think it is important to be open for the ideas, proposals, people coming to you and have power and courage to achieve created goals and finish created plans.
2. Explore and learn about local history and then plan a small step forward.
3. Think what you can do for your community and what message you want to transmit and change you want to make.
4. Don’t forget to smile a lot to event participants and partners.
5. Respect your colleagues.


Thank you for advice!
Good luck for the other Key Dialogue Workers!