CAUCULT is an international, intercultural project promoting local culture-related initiatives that support ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the South Caucasus.

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"Triangle" Community Art Festival in Gyumri

17 November, 2013
Central Square, Gyumri, Armenia

On the 17th of November in Gyumri will take place the "Crying Wedding" which will thus mark the kick off of the "Yerankyuni" (Triangle) Community Art Festival implemented within the framework of CAUCULT Caucasus Cultural Initiatives Network project under the EU Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.

We still remember how the traditional Armenian wedding was organized, which was mostly a celebration of two families, neighborhoods and relatives, while nowadays weddings became a show for the people and are being done with lavishness. What happens after...? Tears, problems and even arguments.


The "Crying Wedding" aims to remind the community about the traditions of Armenian weddings and once again to stress that there is no necessity of extravagant weddings and reevaluate the role of healthy and peaceful families.

On the 17th of November at 13:00 on the Central Square of Gyumri City we will be the spectators of a contemporary crying wedding to which all of you are kindly invited as guests.

Within the framework of the festival two other events called the "Sounds of Nature" and the "Wish Tree" will also take place. The "Sounds of Nature" aims to attract the attention of the people of Gyumri to issues of environmental pollution, while the "Wish Tree" is going to raise the problems of indifference and passive attitudes of young people towards social issues in their community.


The "Yerankyuni" (Triangle) Community Art Festival in Gyumri is being implemented by Cultural Experimental Center, Gyumri Contemporary Art Museum, Gyumri branch of Rossia NGO, Social Educational Centre of Shirak Diocese of Armenian Apostolic Church and City Research Center.

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