CAUCULT is an international, intercultural project promoting local culture-related initiatives that support ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the South Caucasus.

Community Art

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Events / Activities

Children raised awariness on their rights

On 27th of April the village of Tkhilnari in highland Adjara (Khelvachauri Municipality) was busier than other days. The reason of such bustling was a Community Art Event named - “We Have Rights” dedicated to children experiencing domestic violence and their rights abuse. Children of Thkhilnari decided to declare and raise awareness on their rights and made a performance where they read the Rights of Children in the backyard of local school. 

The participants of the event were the schoolchildren from Khelvachauri settlement and the village of Tkhilnari. All the guests and authorities invited to the event showed empathy to the raised issue. Event participants enjoyed CAUCULT logo flashmob performed with colorful umbrellas. After the flashmob the folklore group “Atdzali” headed by Lamzira Apakidze, a KDW from Adjara group performed authentic Laz songs. During the months, Lamzira used to go to highland villages and gathered almost forgotten songs among old villagers. These songs arouse great interest and on 1 June, they will perform their songs in Batumi. 

Among the guests who attended the event, were a director of the Caucasian House,  a head of Educational, Culture and Sport Department of Khelvachauri Municipality Ketevan Devadze, a head of Culture Centre Rusudan Karanadze, a director of Puppet Theatre Natia Makhachadze, a drama director Koba Fatsuria, head of the Youth Department of Khelvachauri Municipality Natalia Putkaradze and people from Thkhilnari and surrounding villages.